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Welcome to Tulips TRNC

We are affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly as it seems these days we all know someone with cancer, Cancer is one of the hardest battles you will encounter and Tulips is there to help you irrespective of your nationality.

How we can help?
Tulips have a cancer support team working in and around the Girne area from Karsiyaka in the west to Esentepe in the east. The team is available to support you every step of the way through your cancer treatment. However we do not have the resources of the National Health Services in the UK but try to help patients as much as possible with the resources that we do have available.

Help Just for You
Do you want support and information?

We know how important it is to have someone to talk to when you have been diagnosed with cancer, this is especially important when you are living in a country where the language may be a problem.


Tulips now have an English speaking cancer support team who can provide personal support and information, just for you. For further information e-mail us below or call the cancer support worker in your area.

  • Are you newly diagnosed with cancer?
  • Do you know someone who has cancer?
  • Are you living with cancer?
  • Do you want support, info or advice?

If the answer is YES to any of the questions above please contact one of our support workers – they are here to help.

Tel: Louise - 0548 870 2276
Email: [email protected]

Equipment and Nursing Care

Tulips can provide some equipment e.g. pressure mattresses, wheelchairs, etc. We also have a home care nursing team and can provide contact details for private nursing care, should you require nursing at home.


We can provide information to help take the stress out of cancer treatment. This includes information on the systems of support at the Lefkoşa State Hospital Oncology Unit, chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy treatment, prescriptions for drugs, provision of equipment, private medical care, etc.

Information sheets and Maps are also available:

News, Information & Maps


Whatever your question about cancer treatment and provision in TRNC one of our team of cancer support workers will try to help. They are available to visit you in your home, answer telephone or email queries or link you to volunteer’s willing to share their experiences of cancer care in TRNC.

Cancer support workers can also arrange appointments for you to see the Oncologist.

If you request help from Tulips you will be asked to complete a Membership Form (membership of Tulips is free - request to have a form sent to you: [email protected]). The information that you provide helps us to give you the best advice we can.

 Financial worries?

Healthcare in TRNC is not free. Surgery, drugs, blood tests, scans etc have to be paid for. If you are diagnosed with cancer contact us for further information.


Treatment is available at Lefkoşa State Hospital and at various private hospitals.

Tulips cannot fund surgery but may be able to help with the cost of chemotherapy drugs. However this is subject to the completion of a Financial Status Form and is also dependent upon the charity funds available at the time, as the charity is funded by public donations only. Form Request

Patients' stories

Jacqui Sharp's story

Most everyone will recall where they were the moment they heard that the twin towers had been hit. For me, sitting at my desk at work there was a sense of the world having shifted slightly; that something had just happened that was going to change perspectives, as indeed it did.

Hearing that I had cancer was a bit like that. Read more>>

My Wonderful Cancer Treatment in the TRNC by G.S.

I guess everyone's experience with cancer is different. This is my tale of how I found out I had cancer and how we, and I do mean we because cancer not only affects the person diagnosed it affects all the loved ones, got through the diagnosis & treatment.

Read more>>



Teresa Gormley's story

Teresa's story begins one Wednesday in September last year, (2013). Ever since we have lived in Cyprus we have kept Wednesday as a day off, meaning that we do nothing at all except lie in the sunshine with our cats, have lunch and maybe a beer or two. Everyone we know knows not to bother us on a Wednesday. This particular Wednesday was different. Teresa woke up with a pain in her side. Read more>>




Kibkom North Cyprus Forum


Fund Raising

Fundraising and donations are essential to Tulips, without your help we would not be able to supply the care and support people are getting now.

Child with cancer


childrens care and cultural centre Lefkosa
Children's care and cultural centre Lefkosa

‘Jenny and Bill’

Jenny and Bill

Jenny and Bill asked for donations in lieu of wedding presents. What a great idea, thank you Jenny and Bill.

‘Tony Woods’
Tony Woods

Tony asked people to sponsor his sky dive. A challenge for him, following his cancer treatment. Thank you Tony and all the people who sponsored him.

Can YOU help us by organising a Fundraising event or making a donation to Tulips?

Friends of Tulips




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